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Hello! My name is Bessie Rose and I’m interested in being an active participant in my own health and healing, and encouraging others to do so. Participating in cooking classes at City Market and volunteering as a Member Worker, will allow me to continue this educational process, specifically because of the co-op’s emphasis on local and organic foods. As someone that constantly thinks about food, I’m always on the lookout for new ingredients to incorporate into a healthy, whole foods diet and lifestyle and feel that attending cooking classes will broaden my knowledge in this arena. Through this experience, and by posting on this blog, I hope to become more educated on holistic nutrition and local foods and in the process, take individual and collective action to strengthen and support a local, sustainable food system for Vermont.

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One Comment on “About Profile”

  1. Jeff Harris
    April 9, 2012 at 3:15 pm #


    I like your blog very much; it provides considerable food for thought. The reality is that most of us, myself included, take food for granted and have very little understanding of the processes by which food ends up at our fingertips for purchase, the factors that influence our purchases and the composition of the food we ingest. We are what we eat.

    Your blog not only increases awareness, but also provides a broad range of useful information to the reader. A big challenge for our society is how to promote food and related issues in a manner that ultimately leads to significantly healthier eating. Eating well promotes individual well-being and is good for all of us. The dramatic increase in diabetes in the United States is but one example of the cost that accompanies not eating well.

    Keep up the good work; spread the word.


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